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You’ve most likely reached this blog through the BSMART Foundation website or perhaps accidentally. If you are looking for solely factual information and articles about BSMART Foundation and it’s programs, please review our website, where all pertinent information is presented for general dissemination.

This blog/forum; however, is not specifically geared to BSMART Foundation, but more so as an adjunct to both, BSMART Dev. Center and its Founder; ME!

It will include a myriad of themes, topics, interests, and information posted by way of pages, articles – (both factual research and opined), videos, and discussion.

Initially, this was to be my personal blog… a vehicle for expressing myself.

As the founder and director of BSMART Development Center and BSMART Foundation, I quickly realized that there was no way I could keep up with my own blog.

As ideas keep pouring in to me from a variety of sources, I decided that I would use this forum to share information, creative knowledge, conjecture, videos (you MUST watch the one, below), and personal opinions, but I will clearly state here that this blog is a division, with separate viewing for “Strictly BSMART” and “Allie Eliza.” Should readers wish to enter either one, feel free to do so. The choice is yours. Should you have no interest whatsoever in anything other than BSMART Foundation, this link will re-direct you back to BSMART Foundation’s website.

Repeating one more time, if you are looking for solely factual information and articles about BSMART and it’s programs, please review our website, as all pertinent information is presented for general dissemination.

Immersion in all aspects of creating, founding, researching, teaching, meeting, running, and everything else that is necessary to the sustainability and success of this educational and innovative journey, leaves very little time for what started all of this in the first place… curiosity, questioning, the search for answers, creativity, and the belief that we can do better for Bermuda’s children and future.

You will find lots of quotes here.

“We can not solve our problems with the same level of thinking that created them.” ~ Albert Einstein.

And lots of pictures & videos.

As a disclaimer, pardon some of Allie Eliza’s personal and seemingly random pages and posts for they are the vehicle of personal expression, without which, none of this would have been possible.

Disclaimer …   yeah, what they said, just substitute BSMART and Bermuda, where applicable.  

You can also cut out the “Fair Use” part.

Personal note to Allie Eliza visitors:

Allie Eliza will use slang, ignore proper grammar rules, and just let the words float; I is who I is.

Dry humor, quick wit, irony, cynicism, and sarcasm are my daily companions.

“Stchuupesin’” is my infinite best friend,

(slang alert) …  this no lie;) 


Why are you here?

Maybe because you are supposed to be.