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Creative ain’t …crazy!

18 Things Highly Creative People Do Differently Thought the following post had some interesting points. I took the liberty of inserting some graphics. Creativity works in mysterious and often paradoxical ways. Creative thinking is a stable, defining characteristic in some personalities, but it may also change based on situation and context. Inspiration and ideas often […]

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“Yo, Rick-eh”

  Be that person that “they” want you to be. How’s that workin’ for ya? Are you managing to fit within any of those pre-set parameters? Kinda? Sorta? Is that such a bad thing? Everywhere you hear people claiming that they want a better world, but not many have the guts to actually attempt to get […]

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Jingle Bells, Something Smells…   No doubt that the term “professional” bugs the hell out of me (see previous rant-post on “Professionals”). Professional this, professional that. Everybody’s a professional something or other. I cringe when someone  (thinking they know or intimating they are, are better than someone else states, “Try to be professional.” OMFRG! Maybe […]

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