Developmental Deficits – Symptom Checklist

Written By: Allie Eliza - May• 14•14

Do you recognize this child?

Below is a list of common deficits that can negatively affect academic, social, and physical development.

Difficulty understanding directions

Difficulty following directions

Unable to sequence steps for tasks

Memory and retention difficulties

Difficulty understanding concepts of space and time

Poor listening comprehension when reading or being read to

Poor vocabulary/expression skills

Poor word recognition

Guesses at words

Slow reading in at-grade texts

Malapropisms (similar but wrong words)

Difficulty with word finding tasks

Trouble formulating sentences

Decreased ability to intake, maintain, & conclude conversations

Decreased turn taking during conversation & during activities

Misunderstands oral instructions/questions

Delays in responding to oral instructions

Homework not turned in

Unfinished homework

Problems with phonics or discriminating speech sounds

Spelling, reading and other academic problems

Avoids near point tasks

Difficulty copying from blackboard

Poor attention span

Skips lines or omits words while reading

Reverses letters/words

Poor comprehension

Reading numbers inconsistently

Fatigues easily when reading

Avoids reading

Easily Distracted by background noise

Easily frustrated

Cries during effort

Avoids tasks/Convinces others to do their job

“Would do better if he/she would just try harder”



Shy, reluctant, afraid to try

Words disappear and reappear

Difficulty with handwriting

Many erasures

High or low muscle tone

Tires easily during physical activity

Slouches when sitting

Difficulty moving in or out of positions

Difficulty coordinating & keeping up with peers

Difficulty with clothing fasteners (buttons, zippers, etc.)

Walks on toes

Poor Balance & Coordination

Difficulty remaining seated during classroom activities

Difficulty opening containers/jars

Falls frequently

Difficulty maneuvering playground equipment

Easily Startled

Interruptive when speaking out

Unable to wait for their turn


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