“I ain’t Chicken Little!”

Written By: Allie Eliza - May• 18•14

Well, the sky isn’t actually falling , I think, but this story holds true to the current predicament of our culture.

Packaging, , lineage, stature, class, status – the look – the connections – the script.

Some may have noticed the peculiar references to Allie Eliza. It’s the “Eliza” part that may have some personal acquaintances, a little confused.

Audrey, Audrey, my girl Audrey, “My Fair Lady.”

Everything changes, but adaptability… is survival.

“Pygmalion” and Shaw to “My Fair Lady” and Lerner/Loewe.


Packaging is everything.

Don’t judge a book by its cover, is the exact opposite of what “we” do.

How about, “You can dress ‘em up, but can’t take ‘em out.”

The true essence of anything will eventually reveal itself; perhaps as small dimensional shifts, but more often than not,  in times of eustress or distress.

No garment has ever passed a lie detector.

“Come on Dover… move your bloody arse!”

I ain’t Chicken Little, the sky isn’t falling. BUT …

“Experience has shown and a true philosophy will always show, that perhaps the larger portion of the truth arises from the seemingly irrelevant.” ~ Poe

I may be irrelevant, but I refuse to be dismissible as  20/20 hindsight truth is useless. Allowing pause for the application of imagination to the concrete evidence of everyday events and scientific research, creates the need and the compulsion for urgent dissemination; shouts not unlike that of Chicken Little.

What if he was correct? It was a cartoon so… he could have been, if they so chose to end the story that way. Our current predicament cannot afford a toss of the coin and going with whichever end the story we like best. This isn’t the “Life of Pi”.

Finding ourselves neck high rather than waist deep in the gruel of our crumbling economy, social unraveling, bleak future prospects, and growth will  perhaps, call us all to action, but trying to use shovels will be useless if  we’re in up to our necks. We will only be able to watch it all unfold.

Who will save us? Who left will possess the motivation, innovation, knowledge, and resources to save us?

Yes, the price of imagination is fear, but taking a page out of Woody Allen’s book, “Sometimes it’s NOT best to look reality in the face and deny it!”

We don’t have 20, 10, or even 5 years to act. We are in the midst of a crisis that needs immediate attention and action.

You cannot have an efficiently operating “hotel” if it has not been constructed from the bottom-up, as all development does.

Investments in programs and policies that take place and/or intervene in the early years have very high rates of return while social programs and policies that intervene at later ages in the life cycle have low economic returns. A large body of scientific evidence shows a “persistent pattern of strong effects” derived from early interventions.

Significantly, these substantial, long-term benefits are not necessarily limited to intellectual gains, but are most clearly seen by measures of “social performance” and “lifetime achievement.”

If the sky was indeed falling, would it have mattered that Chicken Little was tiny, had a big head, dressed for comfort, and happened to have be born/hatched in the nest “down de road”?

Suppose his little wings weren’t useless and he flew overseas to study, to access, to acquire, and to critically analyze the information that has already been put into action by those who realized that waist deep would soon become neck deep?

Perhaps the term “hind” as in “hind sight”, actually means that we would all be “hinds” for not acting when we have the chance.

So, let’s say the sky was in the beginning stages of falling;  could Chicken Little solve the problem on his own? When presented with the facts, we cannot blame the resulting effects on lack of information, knowledge, or dissemination.

Who will be blamed?

Who will be left to care who is blamed?

BSMART Bermuda… “Turn Knowledge into Action”.

Perhaps I am Chicken Little in my dissemination, but not in the factual and colossal amount of scientific, evidenced-based research, and proven practices that have already been put into place and have track records of success.

Allie Eliza



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