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Written By: Allie Eliza

BSMART Foundation is a Bermudian registered charity, founded in 2011 by educator, Allison Figureido.

BSMART Foundation is revolutionizing current educational design, offerings, choice, and implementation methods with our researched-based programs, state-of-the-art facility; neurotechnology (brain wave entrainment); vision and auditory evaluations; integrative technology; and developmentally based neurophysiological programming.

Our comprehensive programming promotes the maximum development of the whole child through innovative, individualized and comprehensive brain-centered programs and services. These specialized services provide the necessary stimulation for optimal brain functioning leading to academic success.

BSMART Foundation recognizes and encourages the amazing potential our young people have to learn and ensure the educational success of all students by having high expectations, a commitment to excellence, and a comprehensive program, confirming the belief that all students can learn and become responsible, productive members of a competitive society.

BSMART is Bermuda’s representative of the S.M.A.R.T. program and is a designated learning site of A Chance To Grow (ACTG) and its teacher training institute, MLRC.

Some of what we do…

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We are pleased to introduce Neuro-educational expert,

Mr. Lyelle Palmer Ph.D.

as BSMART’s newest advisor.

In addition to advising, guiding, and data collection, Dr. Palmer will be contributing various articles and information relating to all aspects of neuro-development such as those below.

Brain development and stimulation, handwriting, curriculum comparisons, vestibular function accelerated learning, learning disabilities, preschool readiness, traditional vs. developmental education, developmental deficits to look out for, and many other topics that will give parents and teachers, invaluable information relating to the needs of our young people.

BSMART is extremely fortunate to have Dr. Palmer as another member of out team!

Dr. Palmer’s credentials:
Advisor, BSMART Development Foundation
Research Scientist in Neuro-educational Development
Professor Emeritus (Special Education: Learning Disabilities and Accelerated Learning)
Winona State University, MinnesotaCo-developer of the research-based and documented-effective SMART/Boost-Up early childhood brain stimulation program for high achievement and school readiness used in hundreds of K-3 classes worldwide through the Minnesota Learning Resource Center, Minneapolis (

Consultant in neuro-educational development for early childhood B-8 academic readiness and learning mastery, including specific learning disabilities.

Recent publications: Bright Brain: Learning Readiness Stimulators (Corwin Press Video);
“Auditory Development and Learning,” and “The Prenatal Brain” entries in the Praeger Handbook of Learning and the Brain (Praeger Publishers); Aiming for Success: Correcting Cross Dominance for Skilled Sighting in Sports and Games.





504 Lake Street, Winona, MN 55987

Phone: 507-452-1652 and/or 651-227-3782 metro



  • Research reports of federal and state studies involving many states, school districts and schools for analysis of results of SMART program to develop high proportions of pupils ready to master primary-grade basic skills.
  • Accelerated Learning trainer and editor, Journal of Accelerated Learning and Teaching. See
  • Accelerated Learning Advisor at Emily Gray Accelerated Learning School, Minneapolis. See:


      Early Childhood Expert Lyelle Palmer

Watch Dr. Palmer’s Video on Early Childhood Stimulation

“Lyelle Palmer is one of the most knowledgeable educators in the world centering on Early Childhood Development. He was instrumental in designing the SMART Stimulating Maturity through Accelerated Readiness Training, a body and brain enhancing program designed to mature children’s sensory and motor systems, preparing them to succeed in reading, writing, math, and other academic skills. (SMART will be featured in tomorrow’s Boogie Blog.)

In this video, Dr. Palmer emphasizes the importance of fun, relaxed, and joyful feeling tones to help the child connect better with the environment. He points out how fear and punishment impedes growth, narrowing the child’s perception. Lyelle is a joy to be around… his neurostimulation programs exude this happiness.”

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Benefits of Early Stimulation – Dr. Lyelle Palmer Ph.D.