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“I Is Who I Is”

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For All my students!

Do Not Let an Exam Result …

… goes with the video below:

This is happens when you remove a child from …

Why re-invent the wheel?

I came across this blog : What MISTERROOSEVELT is saying.

“I articulate my opinion on the topics of my choice.”

“It is my hope that this blog will shed light on little known facts and fringe histories, stories, and personal narratives that can’t be found in a textbook. This is really a melange of my opinions,ideas and feelings about topics I find interesting. As a writer, I always try to present the facts objectively but as my friends and classmates will tell you, my beliefs are about as subtle as a freight train. I say “Ya basta” at the end of my pieces because in Spanish it roughly translates to “enough already!” which is often how I feel about certain (things/ideas/) take us fifty years back in this delicate and promising … era. What can I say… It’s always been my nature to speak the raw and uninvited truth on issues (past present and future) that others see yet are to afraid to speak on. I guess by being honest I’ve made myself the sacrificial lamb to conservatives and xenophobes alike. Enjoy :)”

~ Mr.Roosevelt

An open mind, caution and some semblance of humor are necessary in proceeding with Allie Eliza.

BECAUSE… we don’t want this to happen.


Me thinks— “Nuff Said.”