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Esther Barend

Will some one buy me one of these?!

Johan Potma

Some more Pop Surrealism for you today by Dutch painter and illustrator Johan Potma. Potma graduated from the Minerva Art Academy in Groningen, Netherlands, in 2000 and currently lives and works in Berlin, Germany.  He typically works with acrylics and collage on old wooden surfaces such as box lids, signs, cigar boxes etc.  “The materials I use tell part of the story through the stains, old nails,dents and cracks. The other part is told through all sorts of monsters, freaks and oddballs acting out my ideas, and hopefully spark a positive thought in you.”

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Creative Street Art

Matt Small


Cosmic Artistmatt-small-142


Matthew Small’s work has strong urban roots. By using scrap metal as his canvas he brings physical elements of the city directly into his work. Likewise, his subjects are sourced anonymously and at random from the streets of London. The identity of individual subjects is of secondary importance to the power and general aesthetic of his portrait painting.

  msml068_dylan Celebrating Black Boys Matt Small

Matt Small  _paintings_artodyssey _Celebrating Black Boys(2)